History of Costume books for sale

The Swan Guildford Historical Society is pleased to have a few copies of an important publication – The History of Costume in Colonial Western Australia by Damayanthie Eluwawalage PhD, MPHA available for sale for $25 excluding P&P.

This well illustrated book is a total of 226 pages and discusses the economical, sociological and cultural aspects of fashion and clothing in colonial society in order to explain how clothing was used socially and economically to establish class, status and power in the colony of Western Australia.

It also analyses the major social and geographical impacts on early Western Australian clothing, the extent to which Western Australian colonial clothing reflected the social structure, standing and inheritance of Victorian Britain; the industry of clothing, resources and materials and their impact on the economy of the colony and examines whether colonial clothing negotiated gender boundaries.

Dr Damayanthie (Demi) Eluwawalage is Assistant Professor/Professional Historian at the University of Wisconsin- Stout in the USA, was born in Sri Lanka and is a Perth girl who comes home when she can.

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Costume Book